Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose us


     I offer mindful, attentive, and caring trips. You will receive an adventure journal to set intentions and inspire thought. With your group, play games at night, dive into lakes, listen to strange and historic bedtime stories, and partake in heartfelt fireside chats. Jesse’s passion is helping you challenge yourself and enjoy it! By the end, you will feel proud, accomplished, wiser and well-loved.

     Most adventures are welcoming for first-timers and engaging for experienced hikers. Trips are moderately paced so that we can enjoy them fully. Backpacking is hard work, so we plan itineraries that leave time for rests, swimming, mindful breaks, games, wildlife viewing and more!

     Trips that are physically easier for beginners are Shoot the Black Canyon, Adventure of the Ten Lakes, and Journey Through the Rushing Canyon

     We plan moderately paced itineraries that allow us to be flexible, mindful and to deeply explore the mountain world. A longer time frame leaves space for a more profound and pleasant experience. You have to give these trips the time to change your life!

What to expect on an adventure

Picturing your trip


     Wake up in your sleeping bag as the sun warms your tent. With food already cooking, your guide greets you and gives you time to pack up for breakfast.

          Although hiking is hard work, we admire gorgeous viewpoints, swim and journal near mountain lakes, spot wild animals, and of course, eat a delicious lunch.

          At camp, set up your tent and then write, swim, explore or contemplate until dinner. As the sun sets, play a fun game, listen to weird tales of the area’s history, and enjoy a campfire chat. If you are (un?) lucky, Jesse might sing and play his tiny guitar!

     I only offer six spots on each journey. I love giving personal attention to each adventurer and truly getting to know you.

     You will enjoy creative dishes like basil and Parmesan polenta, pad Thai, tropical breakfast couscous, pizza, and chicken with fig gravy and mashed potatoes. We will make desserts like chocolate lava cake, cookies, and chocolate crepes. Nutritious daily snacks are also provided. Let me know if you have a food allergy or dietary need.

     Yosemite is home to tenacious and fascinating wild animals. You might see deer, marmots, lizards, rattlesnakes, frogs, birds, majestic coyotes and mighty black bears!

     Yellowstone is home to grizzly bears, black bears, wolves, elk, black bear, moose, bison, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and bald eagles!

     In Alaska, we will most likely see brown bears and Dall sheep high on the mountain tops. You may also spot black bears, moose, caribou, lynx, wolves, foxes, trumpeter swans, osprey, and bald eagles.

     Summer temperatures in Yosemite and Yellowstone average 60°-80°F in the day and 30°-50°F at night. Bring warm rain gear for the cool afternoon showers.

     In Alaska, prepare for wild variations in weather. Some days may be a sunny 80°. The next day could be cold and rainy with snow in the high elevations. Bring warm layers, rain pants, and a raincoat!

     Your guide is certified as a Wilderness First Responder and in CPR. Each group is stocked with a first aid kit and a GPS communication device to summon help. We play it smart and safe, and we have never had an injury.

Planning your adventure

Planning your trip


    Yes! Our trips are welcoming and inclusive. You will have a great time. All adventurers receive solo tents, unless two prefer to share.

     Our trips are intended for ages 14 and up. Younger children and large families are welcome on custom private trips, which allow you the space to get rambunctious!

Professional guide
Wilderness Permit
Backcountry Accommodations:
   •   2-6 nights wilderness camping
Meals and Snacks:
All meals from the first night’s dinner to the last day’s lunch
   •   Coffee, tea, hot chocolate and lots of snacks
Group Camping Gear:
Bear canisters, water filters, cooking equipment, 1st aid kit, etc.
   •   Individual tents
   •   Personal trail journal
Between parking/backpackers campground and the trailhead
Bush Plane
   Your transportation into Alaska’s wilderness!

     Load your pack with water jugs, and pad them with pillows. Hike 3-6 miles at least 3 times a week, increasing in weight. Hiking uphill is best, but carrying your heavy pack through town also prepares you well. Run, squat, and lunge on non-hiking days.

     If visiting the California Coast, use San Jose, San Francisco, or Oakland. If you are only coming to Yosemite, use Fresno.

     If visiting Yellowstone, you will most likely want to fly into Bozeman, Montana.

     If visiting Alaska, you will fly into Anchorage.

     Stay near Yosemite or Yellowstone the night before and after your trip. This ensures you get to the meeting point on time and that you don’t miss a flight on the way out. Contact us for recommendations.

     In Alaska, stay in Anchorage the night before your trip. When the trip ends, make sure to give yourself two extra days before flying home. (In case we can’t make it out of the backcountry on a bush plane due to inclement weather!)

    We recommend you rent or drive your own car to the group meeting point in Yosemite or Yellowstone.

     In Alaksa, you can take a taxi from your hotel to the meeting point in Anchorage.

Booking policies


    A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot. Final payment for Yosemite and Yellowstone trips is due 90 days prior to departure. Final payment for Alaska trips is due 120 days prior to departure. Read our terms and conditions for full details.

     Read our terms and conditions for full details.

    It is imperative that you protect yourself with travel insurance that includes evacuation and medical costs and the “cancel for any reason” add-on. Look at SquareMouth, and also compare to IMGlobal, and Travel Guard.

     For Yellowstone and Yosemite, we hike rain or shine. Trail closures due to fire or other unsafe situations do rarely occur. If a trip is unable to operate, we will offer an alternative itinerary in place of a refund.

     For Alaska, we hike rain or shine, however weather may affect our flight into the backcountry. If a flight is delayed due to weather, we will either reroute to a different trip, or we will wait for the weather to clear and do the same trip in a shorter time frame. No refunds are given due to delays from weather.

     Read our terms and conditions for full details.

     Shuttles, lodges, a helicopter, medical transportation, and more can all play a role in your evacuation. Costs associated with your evacuation are solely your responsibility. Get travel insurance, and read our terms and conditions for full details.


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